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Institut für Sozial- und Präventivmedizin (ISPM)


Welcome to ISPM

The Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) at the University of Bern provides under-graduate and post-graduate education and carries out research in a range of disciplines relevant to public health. Research groups facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to research in the fields of social and behavioural health, clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, and international and environmental health.

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12.10.2015 15:45 ESTHER Switzerland Secretariat moves to ISPM

The Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière En Réseau (ESTHER) was established by the French government in 2001 to address global inequalities in access to HIV drugs.[more]

Category: News

18.09.2015 14:00 Dr. Georgia Salanti started this week her joint appointment with ISPM, BIHAM and CTU.

Georgia arrived a few days ago from the University of Ioannina in Greece, were she is an Associate Professor in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. [more]

Category: News

31.07.2015 14:00 Ebola vaccine tested successfully for the first time

A vaccine against the Ebola virus, tested in West Africa for the first time in a field trial, has proved to be effective according to the first interim analysis published today in The Lancet. ISPM researchers were involved in...[more]

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13.10.2015 16:15 10jähriges Jubiläum der Swiss School of Public Health SSPH+: NCDs and Health Promotion - rethinking the meaning of "evidence"

Speaker: Prof. David V. McQueen, Global Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Emory University, Rollins SPH, Atlanta and ISPM University Bern
Tuesday October 13th 2015, 4:15 to 6:30 pm

Category: Seminars

10.12.2015 16:00 Weihnachtsseminar: Matemagie

Speaker: Peter Mürner alias Siderato
Date: Thursday, December 10th 2015, 4 pm
Place: Restaurant Schwellenmätteli ([more]

Category: Seminars

21.01.2016 16:00 Economic Inequalities in Switzerland

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ben Jann, Geschäftsführender Direktor Lehrstuhl für Sozialstrukturanalyse, Institut für Soziologie, Universität Bern
Date: Thursday, January 21th 2016, 4 pm
Place: ISPM, Bern[more]

Category: Seminars

Research Meetings

19.10.2015 12:30Respiratory outcomes in children

Referent: Alban Ramette, Maja Jurca, Jingying Wang (ISPM)
Location: Room 606, Finkenhubelweg 11 (1st Floor)

Cat: Research meetings

26.10.2015 10:30Presentation of PhD project

Referent: Simone Cazzaniga (Inselspital)
Location: Room 606, Finkenhubelweg 11 (1st Floor)

Cat: Research meetings

02.11.2015 12:30tba

Referent: Radek Panczak (ISPM)
Location: Room 606, Finkenhubelweg 11 (1st Floor)

Cat: Research meetings

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