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Institut für Sozial- und Präventivmedizin (ISPM)




ISPM will be welcoming eminent speakers throughout the year. Everybody is very welcome to the seminars.

If not mentioned separatly, seminars will normally be held at the ISPM Bern, Thursday at 4.00 p.m.

Coordination and appointment request: Sahar Hasher

21.08.2013 Prof. Erika von Mutius (Haunersche Kinderklinik, Ludwig Maximilian Universität, München) "Exposure to farming in early life and development of asthma and allergy"
19.09.2013 Dr. Philip Bruggmann (Arud Zentren für Suchtmedizin, Zürich) "Hepatitis C epidemic among people who inject drugs in Switzerland"
10.10.2013 Prof. David McQueen (Emory University, Atlanta) "Rethinking contextual factors in health and illness"
22.10.2013 Prof. Gillian A. Hawker (University of Toronto) "Common chronic conditions in patients with osteoarthritis: associations and prognostic impact"
21.11.2013 Dr. Georgia Salanti (University of Ioannina, School of Medicine, Greece) "An 'all-in-one' meta-analysis model: Joint synthesis of multiple outcomes to compare multiple interventions"
Weihnachtsseminar 12.12.2013 Prof. Urs Wiesmann (Centre for Development and Environment, Bern) "Transdisciplinary research for sustainable development: experiences from 4 continents"
16.01.2014 Prof. Marcel Tanner (Swiss TPH, Basel) "Malaria vaccine - the pace quickens"
20.02.2014 Dr. Claudine Burton-Jeangros (University, Geneva) "Interactions between social and health trajectories"
20.03.2014 Dr. Ard van Sighem (Stichting HIV Monitoring, Amsterdam, Niederland) "Resurgence of HIV amongst 'men who have sex with men' in Switzerland"
10.04.2014 Prof. Milo Puhan (ISPM Zürich) "Going beyond evidence synthesis: Evidence contextualization"
15.05.2014 Prof. Gerhard Gmel (CHUV, University Hospital, Lausanne) "C-SURF – a cohort study on substance use risk factors in Switzerland: opportunities and challenges for future research"
19.06.2014 Prof. Karel GM Moons (University Medical Center Utrecht, Epidemiology) "The architecture of prognostic research"
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